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Deadlock-free dynamic resource assignment in multi-robot systems with multiple missions: Application in Wireless Sensor Networks
Received:September 9,2009  Revised:September 18,2009
Keywords:Discrete event systems  Wireless sensor networks  Deadlock avoidance  Petri nets
Fund Project:the Army Research Office (ARO) (DAAD 19-02-1-0366, ARO W91NF-05-1-0314), the National Science Foundation
P.M. Mohan BALLAL Automation & Robotics Research Institute pmballal@gmail.com 
Abhishek Chaitanya TRIVEDI Automation & Robotics Research Institute  
Vincenzo GIORDANO Automation & Robotics Research Institute  
Jose MIRELES Jr. Automation & Robotics Research Institute  
F. L. LEWIS Automation & Robotics Research Institute  
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      In unstructured environments, dynamic resource assignment is required for effective cooperation of robot teams. In some scenarios, robots are in charge of executing multiple missions simultaneously. This creates risks of deadlock due to the presence of shared resources among various missions. The main contribution of this paper is the development of a novel approach that combines the one-step look-ahead deadlock avoidance policy with dynamic resource assignment. The dynamic resource assignment is achieved using greedy resource assignment for multi-mission robot teams in the framework of a matrix-based discrete event controller. Simulation results are presented in MATLABR to discuss in detail the proposed control strategy. The paper also discusses the toolkit developed in LabVIEWR which is used to implement this control framework using a suitable example.
P. M. BALLAL,,A.C.TRIVEDI,V. GIORDANO,J.MIRELES Jr. and F. L. LEWIS.Deadlock-free dynamic resource assignment in multi-robot systems with multiple missions: Application in Wireless Sensor Networks[J].Journal of Control Theory and Applications,2010,8(1):12~19.
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