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In the world over community of system and control, there are a large number of Chinese professors, engineers and experts, who are cultivating in this field industriously. Accompanying the step of world globalization, the communications, academic exchanges and collaborations between Chinese scholars and their abroad colleagues become more and more important. It calls wider platform including international conferences, journals etc. To meet this requirement, this new control journal, Journal of Control Theory and Applications (JCTA), is now started to publish its first issue.

The journal is sponsored and managed administratively by the South China University of Technology and the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. An editorial board consisting of more than 60 Professors is in charge of the academic issues. The journal publishes quarterly high-quality papers on original theoretical and experimental research and development in the area of systems and control, including all aspects of control theory and its applications. Its function is to provide a forum for domestic, as well as international, scientists and engineers to exchange their knowledge and experiences in the area. Even though currently JCTA is mainly distrbuted in China, its goal is to be an international journal. So the journal is also widely open to worldwide control researchers and practitioners.

The predecessor of this journal is the Control Theory and Applications, which was a mixed Chinese and English journal and has been published for 20 years(with 20 volumes up to 2003). The Control Theory and Application is also sponsored and managed administratively by the South China University of Technology and the Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has been a very successful journal and grows so fast that a split is required. As a result, JCTA is born. From now on, JCTA publishes English papers only while the Control Theory and Application publishes Chinese papers only. For the editorial boards of both journals, there is a standing office located in the South China University of Technology. The contents of the two journals are different without overlap. Once a paper has been published in JCTA, its Chinese translation is not allowed to be published in Control Theory and Applications and vice versa.

Topics of interests of the journal are in the broad area of systems control and automation, including but not limited to: System Theory and Control Theory, Nonlinear Systems and Control, Complexity and Complex System Theory, Modeling, Identification and Estimation, Optimal Control and Optimization, Robust and H-infinity Control, Learning Control, Stability and Stabilization, Adaptive Control, Variable Structure Control, Distributed Parameter Systems, Hybrid Systems and DEDS, Large Scale Systems, Neural Networks, Fuzzy System and Fuzzy Control, Fault Diagnosis, CIMS and Manufacturing Systems, Simulation and CAD, Information Processing Systems, GA and Evolutionary Computing, Distributed Control Systems, Motion Control, Intelligent Robots, Power Systems, Environmental and Bio-engineering Systems, Human-Machine Systems, ntelligent Instruments, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Social Economy Systems, Applications in Various Fields.

Articles for submission may be survey papers to review the well estabilshed or newly emerging research topics, new techniques etc., regular papers to describe new well developed theoretical results or applications, or brief papers to present new techniques, concepts, perspectives etc.

With a high level and widely distributed editorial board and a rigorous paper review process we are confident that the journal will grow sturdily and will finally set its seat in the international control community. 



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